‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.’ ~ Acts 20:35

There are a lot of blessings in life, but few match the feeling you have after you have given a gift. You feel warm inside. Your heart jumps a bit when you see a grateful expression on the recipient’s face, and you feel happiness. When the Apostle Paul spoke to the Ephesian Elders years after […]

Integra Direct Primary Care Opens for Patients

Integra Direct Primary Care

Integra Direct Primary Care, operated by Belinda Castor, MD, has opened to serve patients under a membership care delivery model. “I am excited to open the doors of my new practice to my former patients and new patients,” Dr. Castor said. “This model of care delivery allows me to provide high-quality health care without the […]

What’s Old is New Again

Dr. Castor with patient

Most of us can remember visiting the doctor’s office and taking as much time as needed with the doctor to really talk though health concerns. No rush and the doctor wasn’t typing in the corner as you talked. Fast forward to today and you can’t say that anymore…Except now, maybe you can. Welcome to Integra […]

Meet and Greet With Dr. Castor

Dr. Castor Integra Direct Primary Care

Join Dr. Castor as she opens the doors to Integra Direct Primary Care! Stop by to see the new office and meet Dr. Castor on June 9th, 6:00-7:30 pm at 103 Liberty Street, Manchester, NH. RSVP to info@integradpc.com.