Integra Direct Primary Care Gives Back: Empowering Local Non-Profit Organizations for a Brighter Community

Integra Direct Primary Care’s mission extends beyond providing excellent healthcare. We are dedicated to giving back to the local community, making a positive impact in the lives of those in need. This year, we have chosen to support two incredible organizations, Brigid’s House of Hope and Roca Kidz Club. By donating to Brigid’s House of Hope, Integra is helping female victims of human trafficking and exploitation find hope, healing, and empowerment. Additionally, our contribution to Roca Kidz Club is making a difference in the lives of children, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment to learn, grow, and thrive. Through their commitment to philanthropy, Integra Direct Primary Care is transforming lives and creating brighter futures.

Integra Direct Primary Care goes beyond healthcare, giving back to the community and making a positive impact. This year, we’re proud to support Brigid’s House of Hope, empowering female victims of trafficking, and Roca Kidz Club, providing a safe and nurturing space for children to learn and grow. Our contribution is transforming lives and creating brighter futures.

Brigid House of Hope

The mission of Brigid House of Hope (BHOH) is to provide safe housing for female victims of human trafficking and exploitation which encourages hope, healing, empowerment, security and long-term aftercare and support.

The safe house, at a confidential location in NH, is open to female victims and survivors over the age of 18 across the state and provides 3 two-bedroom apartment style units, allowing up to 6 women to participate in the long-term residential program.  BHOH also provides residents with food and basic necessitates, case management and programming, and connects residents to critical services through partnerships, building a holistic recovery network, while providing a safe space to heal which aids the women in their ultimate transition to safety reintegrate into their community.  Partnerships include mental health services, medical and dental care, community and faith-based support, continuing education, job training and much more.  Each survivor’s path to recovery is unique and BHOH staff does their best to support each survivor’s self-identified goals that ultimately helps them safely transition to the community.

To learn more about BHOH, visit with website at

Help make a difference today in the lives of these brave women on their journey to healing, fostering hope and creating a brighter future while helping free them from human trafficking and exploitation!

Roca Kidz Club

The mission of Roca Kidz Club is to inspire kids with the genuine love of God to change the world around them.  They serve children in the city of Manchester at three locations.  The Wilson Street location serves children who have been affected by abuse, neglect, and poverty.  Many of them are affected by multi-generational brokenness with some parents addicted to drugs or alcohol, while others living in single parent homes or mothers working hard to make ends meet.  The Cedar Street location serves vulnerable kids in the neighborhood, refugees, and new Americans.  Many of the children come from different cultural backgrounds and customs.  The Conan Street location reaches out to children who have faced the hardships of abuse, neglect, and the challenges of living in poverty. Their outreach includes providing a meal, relationship building, hands on activities and game time as well as a camp experience.

To learn more, visit their website at

Help make a difference today in the lives of these children on their journey to creating a brighter future while helping them change the world around them!